23 August 2009

winter please


  1. oh wow I didn't even knew it was your set, but it's obviously no problem.

    I'm slowly getting excited for autumn and winter, too. Can't wait to cover myself up in a blanket and read in front of the fireplace!

  2. wolves are my favorite animal and i love winter as welll

  3. oh your blog is so beautiful and magical dear, i shall definatley be adding it to my lovely reads page. and i can not wait for the winter either, in fact i almost crave the icy, frosty days where you can snuggle up in a giant jumper and sit in front of the fire ♥

  4. Autumn and Winter are my favorite seasons.
    And my closet is nearly clad in all autumn/winter clothing.
    trench coats, leather jackets, boots, I love it ALLL. (:
    And hot vanilla chai, hot chocolate, warm blankets.
    There's something so cozy to it.